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Ecosystem Care Discourse on Komodo National Park

10 May 2019 406x Komodo Trip

While the park gets dry earlier in years, Almira’s pinisi boat has started sailing around Komodo National Park . The sky was showing a pure blue color and the temperature going at 32 degrees. our pinisi boat arrived well at... read more

Pink Beach

Famous Pink Beach at Komodo National Park

28 February 2023 73x Komodo Trip

Some of Indonesia’s pink sand beaches are located in the Komodo National Park, a cluster of lesser sunda islands in the center of Indonesia. This pink beach on Komodo Island has become famous for its light reddish sand color and... read more

Kalong Island

Kalong Island at Komodo National Park

29 January 2023 59x Komodo Trip

One of the popular tourist destinations on Komodo Island is Kalong Island. It is a small island with exotic scenery, located in Komodo National Park, near Rica Island. The stop point before Kalong Island is Manjarite, you can do some... read more

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