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As one of the seven beaches with pink/red sand, you’ll find one of the most magnificent sceneries on Komodo Island. Pink beach komodo has those real pink sands that are caused by the Foraminifera, a microorganism that produces the red pigment on the coral reef mixed with the pure white sand. All of these sights will bring you to the real beauty of Komodo.

Komodo has panoramic views of turquoise seas, green rolling hills, blue skies, and fascinatingly pink sands. Aside from the obvious relaxation with this pictured scenery, Komodo is not short of interesting activities to partake in. But, once you have finished taking in the magnificent surroundings, take a dip into the waters and uncover the marine beauty of this Komodo Pink Beach.

The reef corals of Pink Beach’s underwater gardens are in excellent condition, with hundreds of species of both soft and hard corals, and thousands of species of fish. Pink Beach is a terrific choice for snorkelers and beginner divers, as even the shallow waters are home to an abundance of species to keep you more than entertained.

Relax on these fairytale-like pink sands and work on your tan. Or join in with the various other available water sports such as kayaking or just having a leisurely swim. And make sure you stick around till sunset, as the view will forever be unforgettable.

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