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Kalong Island One of the popular tourist destinations on Komodo Island is Kalong Island. It is a small island with exotic scenery, located in Komodo National Park, near Rica Island. The stop point before Kalong Island is Manjarite, you can do some snorkeling in the afternoon before anchoring for sunset at Kalong. While doing your Komodo liveaboard, the boat will go along the side where the sunset can be seen clearly and you can witness the scenery on the boat.

Kalong Island is well known for the colony of giant fruit bats, nicknamed “Flying Foxes,” who live in the island’s mangrove forests that cover the island. This is where the island’s name comes from: the local word Kalong means bat. This distinctive feature attracts lots of visitors. Despite their size, these bats don’t cause harm to humans.

This exotic attraction of these bats flying over the island happens at sunset time. Around dusk time, thousands of bats emerge from the trees, coming out from their hiding place to find food, flying energetically and covering the sky, performing one the most stunning natural displays in the park. You will be able to admire this impressive spectacle for more than 30 minutes when wave after wave of bats passes over the anchored boats.

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