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When the park get dry earlier  on these year but, Brigitha Phinisi has start sail around komodo park . The sky showing a pure blue color and the temperature going on 32 degree. Brigitha Phinisi arrived well at Rinca. On that day was great but there is not to much  boat lean on the wooden doc. Hopefully this is not because the impact of park authority’s plan to close a part of Komodo islands for dragon ecosystem care program.

The park authority’s plan, will close a part of Komodo islands for dragon ecosystem care during a year, these issue might have an effect on the level of visitors on Rinca as well. But the park authority offer any spot in Rinca Island, where tourist will easily see the dragons (Otherwise, Rinca is a the best spot to see the dragon in the park). So far, this is well plan, travelers don’t have hesitate to visit the park. Rinca Island will open for tourists who want to see dragons during ecosystem care efforts in Komodo next year.

Known that, the dragon in Rinca is has a similar type of dragons family in Komodo Island. If a part of dragon area in Komodo is closing, the authorities hope traveler who visit Komodo, should moving to Rinca to see it’s similar dragons as in Komodo.

The authority did not close all the spot inside the park. Famous hills scenery or beach like on the island of Padar. The underwater life and beach spot also still open for public like Pink Beach, Long Beach, Taka Makassar, Batu Bolong, Gili Laba and Manta Point etc.

Say what your opinion of these park. Just to help people who want to visit.

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