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Almira Trip KomodoAlmira Jaya Nusantara, PT, was born to support its tourism business by Endang’s family. Almira Trip has obtained permission from the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, whose registration number is: AHU-0047334.AH.01.01.Tahun 2018 in Jakarta. Almira Trip has also developed its tourism business license in Labuan Bajo as a main gate to get to Komodo National Park. So, Almira Trip gets easier to run a business especially have own Pinisi boat. focuses on a self-boat operator which focuses on a liveaboard sailing trip to Komodo.

Almira Trip serves tour packages into Komodo National Park. Other than that, Almira serves as an overland adventure service to see the culture and the way of life in our native Flores. You might know Flores Island has a unique life, like in the Manggarai tribe in the villages of Wae Rebo, the Ngada Tribe in Bajawa, Ende Lio, and Keli Mutu, the three colored lakes. 85% of the Flores people are Catholic but still believe in their ancestors.

We would like you to continue checking Almira’s blog to see or participate in telling the truth about Komodo and Flores islands. Telling your story about Komodo National Park and all the services while joining the Almira Trip.

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