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About Almira Trip

Almira Trip is an Indonesian travel company. Located in Jakarta and Labuan Bajo, the main island of Flores, Indonesia. As a tourism business company called Almira Jaya Nusantara, PT.

Legal: Almira Trip has obtained permission from the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, whose registration number is: AHU-0047334.AH.01.01. 2018 in Jakarta. Almira Trip has developed their tourism business license in Labuan Bajo as a main gate to get to Komodo National Park. As a result of that, Almira Trip made it easier to run a business, especially on the Pinisi boat, which focuses on a self-boat operator which focuses on a liveaboard trip sailing to Komodo.

Almira’s business, run by the family, focused on a pinisi boat (Traditional Buginese Boat).  As a boat operator, Almira has three vessels. Almira serves live-aboard tours to Komodo National Park and its surroundings. Almira Trip also serves tour packages to Flores overland.

All the tour services include vacation, travel entertainment, and partners in introducing natural tourism in Komodo National Park (land/sea) and the islands of Flores, Indonesia.

Almira also provides Komodo and Flores adventures to show the unique culture, art, and local life of the Manggarai tribe at the villages of Wae Rebo, Ngada Tribe at Bajawa, Ende Lio and Kelimutu, the three colored lakes.


    • Jl. Swasembada Barat VI No. 53 Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14320
    • Jl. Dermaga–Labuan Bajo – Manggarai Barat, NTT. 86754


  • Jakarta: +62 8111 899 208
  • Labuan Bajo: +62 811 255 537 (Hot Line)


  • almiratrip@gmail.com

Almira’s team:

Endang Setiawati. CEO and originating from her ideas. She’s innovative and jumps into business herself. She has travelled around Indonesia and will continue to eastern Europe in winter. A well-done plan before she gets started to build a traditional pinisi boat in Sulawesi, further holding it together with her family, running the business working with her sons and daughter for this tourism business.

Has 26 years job experience at BCA bank. Since joining BCA, Endang has held the Human Resources Development position in branch, training program coordinator and training instructor at BCA learning institute in Sentul, Jakarta.

Endang also as a batik lover. (batik is a hand drawn by drawing dots and lines with a spouted tool in the cloth. Furthermore, it is used as a characteristic of Indonesian sarongs and clothes etc). Therefore, she has a batik boutique in Jakarta which is called Almira Batik.

Ridho Savero. Marketing director of Almira Trip. A young person with great talent, who eternally wants to pursue his future dreams. As a talented young man, he always wanted to get up on social media as a marketing influencer for Almira. To develop deeper in his marketing knowledge, he will study business management at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta in mid-2019.

It’s not awkward to work and help his mother since he built a pinisi boat on Sulawesi. Taking control and overseeing the carpenter who works on a boat under construction in Sulawesi.



Rhesa Giovani.
Rhesa is a smart young man who studied mechanical engineering and has passed his last semester at University of Indonesia in Jakarta. Rhesa was appointed to oversee the company’s activities. As a young Almira’s commissioner and with high morale and ethical work, he decided to grow up the company together with his mother and younger brother.

A myriad of experiences and hobbies, Rhesa led and won their group study in a knowledge competition. He also has self-preparation and controls the engine assembly and installation of Almira’s boat.


Frans Derozary, Director of Operations. As a local tour guide in Labuan Bajo, he works individually to serve foreign tourists. However, to advance his business, he thought of developing a professional and legal tourism business. In 2003, joining his friends in Labuan Bajo, they started to build a legal tourism business. His goal is to safeguard and augment the efficiency of the company’s operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success.

He had excellent communication and organizational skills, responsible for overseeing Almira’s activities in a tourism business and tourism cruise around Komodo National Park. Fast response to fix and complete any problem during a sailing trip. Planning and monitoring the day-to-day running of Almira’s tourism business to ensure smooth progress.


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