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Kalong Island

Kalong Island at Komodo National Park

29 January 2023 17x Komodo Trip

One of the popular tourist destinations on Komodo island is Kalong Island. It is a small island with exotic scenery, located in Komodo National Park, near Rica Island. The stop point before Kalong Island is Manjarite, you can do some... read more

Manjarite’s Snorkeling Spot at Komodo Park

25 January 2023 17x Komodo Trip

Manjarite is a snorkeling spot located on the west side of the island of Flores, and it is a famous snorkeling spot in Komodo Park. However, many people do not know which point they should swim. Not all tour guides... read more

Almira’s My Moon Pinisi

15 January 2023 25x Komodo Trip

Almira My Moon, our traditional Buginesse boat from south Sulawesi, is called pinisi. (Pinisi refers to a type of masts configuration, sails and ropes lines of Indonesian sailing vessels). Nowadays, pinisi are also used for passenger ships, especially for tourists... read more

Romantic Pink Beach at Komodo Island

4 January 2023 30x Komodo Trip

As one of the seven beaches with pink/red sand, you’ll find one of the magnificent sceneries on Komodo island. Pink beach komodo have those real pink sands that are caused by the Foraminifera, a microorganism that produces the red pigment... read more

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